Rob Ford Is A Piece Of Garbage

Update: I posted this as a comment, but I want to slap it here as well, just in case.

Email I just received:

“Just a note. Rob Ford’s response of “probably” was to the police’s comment saying he needed a driver. Diminishes the validity of your article.


As I told him when I wrote back, I’ve heard or read nothing to this point that has said that, but I’ll keep my eyes open.

Now for what I should have written.

In what possible way does this tidbit invalidate a word I said? So he said probably to the cops and not a reporter. No matter to whom he said it, the facts are the facts. He was reading and driving. He has cell phoned and driven. He should be charged under our distracted/careless driving laws. He hasn’t been. He isn’t taking responsibility for it. therefore, I stand by what I said. He’s a piece of garbage.

Original post:

I’m pretty pissed off right about now. The reason? That useless sack of crap they call Rob Ford. I’m not pissed because I live in Toronto and have to watch helplessly as the boob slowly ruins my city, though I do feel for you guys. What’s got me going is this. Toronto mayor admits he was ‘probably’ reading at the wheel

Toronto Mayor Rob Ford admits he was “probably” reading at the wheel during his morning commute but says it didn’t affect his driving.

Photos posted on Twitter appear to show the mayor reading a document while driving on the Gardiner Expressway.

When asked about the snapshots at a news conference Tuesday, Ford didn’t deny it happened, but said he still kept his eyes on the road.

He cited his busy schedule and said he uses the commute to catch up on his work.

First of all, “probably”? That’s a pretty easy one, dipshit. You either were or you weren’t, and if you say you work during your commute all the time, odds are you were. Just man up and admit it, you fucking jackwagon. and here’s an idea. If your schedule is so busy you find it necessary to endanger human life on a regular basis, get somebody to drive your ass around. Take the money out of what you spend on those cottage weekends you go on when you’re busy not going to pride festivals if you must, but do us all that courtesy, Rob.

And second, and this is the much more important part, go fuck yourself, Mr. Mayor. Better yet, take the police that aren’t going to step up and do the right thing along with you so you can have one big incompetent circle jerk of being no good at your jobness.

Ford hasn’t been charged or even cited for distracted driving, and if what I heard on the radio this morning is true, he’s not going to be because…wait for it…what he did doesn’t qualify as distracted driving.

doesn’t qualify? Are you people shitting me right now? but more importantly, are you shitting the mother and sister I almost didn’t have for the last 20 years right now? Ask my little sister, with her fractured skull and jaw wired shut, if reading and driving doesn’t qualify. Ask my mom, with her fractured chest that left her barely able to move for quite a while and in pain to this day, if reading and driving doesn’t qualify. I almost lost my family because some stupid bitch decided flying down the highway was a fanglorious time to pull out the old road map and start plotting a route. You bet your ass it affected her driving, as evidenced by the crushed truck and air/ground ambulances. and maybe it didn’t affect Rob Ford’s driving this time, but one of these days it will, and it’ll be somebody else’s family that suffers for it, not his. He’ll be just fine, just like the fucking cow who ran down a mother and 5-year-old daughter who just wanted to get some dinner on a Friday night was fine.

I don’t care about Rob Ford’s politics right now. This is far beyond that. this is about somebody who is a worthless human being. Instead of taking responsibility for his actions, he did what he always does when pressed about an uncomfortable situation. He pouted and whined and made excuses. If Rob Ford had any guts beyond the one he tried to shed during the weight loss challenge he gave up on because it was too hard, he’d turn himself in and ask to be punished to the full extent the law allows. but he won’t. He’ll keep on reading and talking on the phone while he drives because he’s the Mayor, goddammit! And when the day comes when he maims somebody for life or worse, that won’t be his fault either. Nothing ever is, is it Rob? Nothing ever is.

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