Fall Of Love

Our old buddy Anton is back at the theatre thing again, so as is tradition, time to throw a plug his way. Out of Sight Productions An Inclusive Theatre Company Phone: 519-675-0379 Email: info@oosproductions.com Web: www.oosproductions.com   FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE    Out of Sight Productions Presents An Anthology of Four Classic Love Stories   London, Ontario, September 12, […]

Let’s Hope They Never Hear About Staplers

Another day, another object with which the citizens of the United Kingdom cannot be trusted. Staff at Manchester’s National Health Services have been ordered to stop using metal paper fasteners after a staff member got a boo boo on his wittle finger winger. Yes, those round things you use to hold paper together have been […]

I’m Sad That Grandma Called Me Chicken. I Should Go Play Salad With A Train Or Something

It’s been a while since we’ve had a food feud type story, and I’ll be honest, this one has me more than a little confused. I’m going to go on ahead and hope this guy is just slow, and not this much of an idiot/anger management reject. A South Carolina woman returned home from the […]

Is There A Lack Of Oxygen To His Brain?

I present to you Mitt Romney, United States presidential candidate. Romney’s wife, Ann, was in attendance, and the candidate spoke of the concern he had for her when her plane had to make an emergency landing Friday en route to Santa Monica because of an electrical  malfunction. “I appreciate the fact that she is on […]

Shit People Say About Retiring A Guide Dog

Now that I’ve got it out there that Trix is retiring, I decided to write one of those “shit people say” posts. John Q. Public is a wealth of…sometimes amusement, sometimes frustration, sometimes bewildering stupidity. And I have seen a lot of this now that Trix is retiring and I’m out with the cane. As […]