The Problems With First Past The Post Voting Explained

The other day at work, for some reason, we got talking about the whole First Past the Post electoral system. One of my coworkers mentioned a video aboutwhat’s bad about first past the post systems as illustrated by fictitious animal kingdom candidates. Kind of a neat, easy to understand video. Enjoy.

If Babysitters Had Commercials, They Would Look Like This

There’s nothing in the world quite like a nice father son day out. Playing catch, going fishing, watching a ball game, tagging along while dad takes a hooker to a motel room and then almost gets the both of you killed…wait, what? Police in Tuscaloosa County said the 29-year-old man took the baby with him […]

The Best Anti-Bullying Strategy Is Using What We Already Have, Not Having The Government Study A New One

I’ve been thinking on and off about maybe sitting down and writing a little something about the calls for the government to institute some kind of national anti-bullying strategy. No, I don’t think it’s a good idea. You can’t legislate the normal types of human socialization that go on as we’re growing up. We already […]

Stop The Presses! Some Blind People Got Married!

You’re not gonna believe this, you guys! Apparently, and this is seriously insane, blind people meet, date, fall in love and get married even though they have little to know idea what the person they’re with looks like! Really, I shit you not! check it out, it’s in the news! That’s right, the news! Somebody’s […]