Moving? If Hiring A Mover, Avoid Metropolitan Movers And Shuttle Moving North York

So yeah…about that Metro Movers mowdown we keep promising. Here it comes. Hope you like long stories…ah who am I kidding? You must like ’em, you keep coming back here, don’t ya? So you’re probably wondering why the heck we hired movers anyway. Well, for a combination of reasons. Most of the people we would […]

Get Out, And Don’t Ever Let Me Catch You Snatching Children Here Again!

It’s amazing, considering all the time we spend chronicling people’s stupidity, that we still have the capacity to be occasionally astounded by it. Completely and utterly head-slappingly floored, in fact. Albemarle County Police Department Press Release The Albemarle County Police Department is investigating an attempted abduction that occurred Saturday, November 24th 2012 between 2-2:30 p.m. […]

Fatal Food Feuds, The Corndog Edition

There’s nothing funny about this, it’s just that collecting these is one of those things we do here. Corey Lamont Walker, 36, told his three roommates Tuesday morning that someone was stealing food from his room, police said. Walker blamed roommate Anthony Kimball Smith, 56, and an argument ensued, police said. Another roommate flagged down […]

We Sofa King…Want To Sell You A Hamburger?

Oh look, another business has borrowed our old Sofa King idea. but rather than selling furniture, they’ve decided to go with hamburgers …for some reason. Red Bank Mayor John Roberts, named to that position only a week ago, did not give Sofa King Juicy Burgers another thought, until a Sunday editorial in the Chattanooga Times […]

Help the Get Together with Technology Program Get Together Some Technology

This comes from a friend of mine. I wish I had spare equipment I could part with, because I think this Get Together with Technology program is a pretty neat idea. How many times over the years have I contemplated buying a piece of technology, but decided against it because it’s a lot of money […]

Black Friday Body Count: More Riot Videos And A Mostly Unrelated Bit About The Grey Cup, Just Because I Can

To the list of those with a Black Friday riot video compilation we can now add Canoe. Some of these you may have already seen if you’ve been following along, but there’s some new stuff, like a couple of stampedes at Victoria’s Secret. Psssst, I know what the secret is, Victoria. Your customers are retarded. […]

Black Friday Body Count: See? I Told You That Concealed Weapon Permit Would Come In Handy One Day

From a Sears in San Antonio, Texas comes this tale of line cutting, punches and firearms. In related news, people still shop at Sears. Who knew? Sgt. Rob Carey said that a man was trying to cut his way to the front of the line, which didn’t sit well with his fellow shoppers, according to […]

Moving-Related Thoughts: So How Are We Anyway?

Holy crap I’m discovering I have a lot to say. Twice I set out to write *1* post about moving. Twice I’ve had to stooooop…so it didn’t overflow into miles and miles and miles and miles of writing. Hmmm. How far will I get in this post? So while all this is going on, Rogers […]