Maybe Police Should Do A Google Search For Thorough Phorensic Investigation Methods

When I heard about this story, it sounded like it should have been a piece of satire, written in a PC magazine somewhere. Sadly, this is no joke. I think everybody knows who Casey Anthony is, right? Prosecutors couldn’t prove conclusively that she had killed her daughter. They even searched her computer and had no […]

Those 12 Steps Will come In Handy, Since He May Soon Be Walking Everywhere

If only Donald Blood III had humbly asked his greater power to remove his shortcomings, perhaps none of this would be happening. To be specific, the shortcoming that prevents him from being able to distinguish a paved parking lot from a grass-filled lawn. That one’s causing all kinds of problems for him right now. And […]

The Guelph Public Library’s Free Internet Access Is Safe…For Now

In April, I wrote about the trouble the Guelph Public Library was about to have thanks to the Harper government cutting the funding that makes free internet access there possible. Today, there’s an update on the fundraising effort that Cam Guthrie launched to help save it. According to the story, funding for 2013 has been […]