Those 12 Steps Will come In Handy, Since He May Soon Be Walking Everywhere

If only Donald Blood III had humbly asked his greater power to remove his shortcomings, perhaps none of this would be happening. To be specific, the shortcoming that prevents him from being able to distinguish a paved parking lot from a grass-filled lawn. That one’s causing all kinds of problems for him right now.

And if he ever gets into the frame of mind to make a list of people he has harmed and make amends with them, perhaps the folks at Wilson House, the home of Alcoholics Anonymous founder Bill Wilson, should be near the top. It was, after all, their lawn he drove onto while engaging in activities that run contrary to the spirit of the place.

I suspect if he were to contact them, they would suggest that he take things one day at a time. One of those days would be his DUI court date, the one he got after he tried to park on their lawn.

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