Maybe Police Should Do A Google Search For Thorough Phorensic Investigation Methods

When I heard about this story, it sounded like it should have been a piece of satire, written in a PC magazine somewhere. Sadly, this is no joke.

I think everybody knows who Casey Anthony is, right? Prosecutors couldn’t prove conclusively that she had killed her daughter. They even searched her computer and had no luck. But, you see, they only searched IE’s history. If they had searched Firefox, it would have been a different story. They would have found searches for fool proof “suffication” methods, as well as evidence of her reading an article about poisoning a person and then putting a bag over their head. Even better, this activity was on the day her little girl was supposed to have died. Hmmm. That would have made a few jurors start to believe a little more.

Seriously? Fire…Fox? Who did the search, some guy who was about to retire who had played with one of them computers once in a while? What kind of sloppy forensics is that?

And now, because of the double jeopardy rule, there’s nothing they can do. Nice work, boys, nice work!

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  1. Firefox…that’s one of those airplane shooting games or something. Pretty sure my grandson has that one. Don’t worry about it.

  2. Chrome? What’s that? It doesn’t look like there’s any chrome on here.

    Hmmm…I don’t see any Netscape or AOL on here. I think we’re done.

  3. This thing here says “Google Chrome.” that must be instructions. Let me open IE and Google Chrome right now. Hope that tells me what to do next.

  4. Why isn’t my Hotmail in this computer’s most visited sites area? And what’s a browser anyway?

    1. Hahahaha. He was getting so mad until we explained to him that he was A: not in his own house, B: not at his own computer and C: that I don’t use Hotmail.

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