If You Haven’t Nuked Your iPhone Yet, Ask Siri If It Rains In Australia

Here’s today’s friendly reminder not to believe everything you read. Even though somebody on Twitter said that it totally works, it is not suddenly ok to put metal in the microwave. No, not even for the 20 to 30 seconds you were told it would take to charge your iPhone battery. Indeed, this is ending […]

Fetuses Are People, Right Up Until They Start Costing Us Large Sums Of Money

I don’t want to get into a great big religion debate here, but I have to ask. How much is your faith actually worth to you when you’ll toss one of your core beliefs aside completely in order to have a wrongful death lawsuit against you thrown out? The case involves the 2006 death of […]

Way Hey And Away We Go, Donkey Robbing Donkey Robbing

Not being up on my everyday Colombian crime news, I have no idea how common getaway donkeys are. but even had I not read this, the idea would have struck me as kind of dumb. This is especially true when the donkey you’ve loaded up with stolen goods is himself stolen property and not in […]

Maybe He Should Try Houdiniing Instead Of Criminaling

Signs the carjacking life may not be for you: You order a woman getting out of her car to get back in. she does, then promptly drives away and leaves you standing in the parking lot. You try the same trick this time with a gun, but rather than fearfully listening to you, the woman […]

CBC Radio KW Is Launching March 11th

I’ve been looking forward to this since it was announced, and even more so now that I’m a new…Kitchenerite? Kitchonian? Kitchenarian? Kitchen? What the hell are we called? Somebody help me out here. CBC launches new Waterloo Region station March 11 All of this sounds good, but I’m disappointed that there’s no mention of an […]

A Quick Mobile Accessibility Survey

If Carin were here this would be her department, but she’s not, so here goes. Mobile technology is a new and thriving frontier for accessibility. Seasoned accessibility professionals are anxious to help mobile developers deliver accessible experiences. More information is needed to understand both usage patterns and hardware/software platforms, to guide decisions to meet the […]