How To Cab A Blind Guy And A Simple Request For Kitchener’s Cab Companies

James, AKA the guy who makes sure the server this thing sits on stays alive so it can keep sitting on it, has put together a handy dandy guide for cab drivers that explains what and what not to do when you’re driving a blind person around.

A lot of this stuff is obvious, or so you would think. But any blind dude that’s ever cabbed anywhere can tell you that it only takes being left in the snow once by a taxi that silently came and went to teach you the very important lesson that what seems obvious is not always so.

I’m also quite happy to see the inclusion of the old what route should I take question, speaking of that what should be bleedin’ obvious. That wasn’t so much of a thing in Guelph, but I’ve had it pulled on me since I’ve moved to Kitchener and in plenty of other places I’ve visited over the years. You, as the cab driver, are the professional. Your job is knowing how to get from where we are to where we’re going. How do I want you to get there? Whatever way is quickest/cheapest/most efficient given circumstances I may not have taken into consideration that day. As long as you’re not going to drive around town a few times and run up my bill to an absurd degree, I’ll trust you to do the driving while we all talk about the news of the week and have a grand old time. the more I think about this one, even people who aren’t blind should hate it. Having to tell a cabbie how to drive around his home city is a bit like having to go into the kitchen and teach the chef how to boil water, isn’t it?

There’s more to James’ list, but if he missed anything, feel free to let him know.

And while we’re talking cabs, a message for the various companies here in Kitchener, our new hometown.

So far, Carin and I have discovered three of you. We don’t have enough experience with any of you to prefer one over the others just yet, but if you want to win us over, here’s an easy way to do it. Debit. get you some. Now. How none of you have it in 2013 in a service area this size is mind boggling, to be honest. Mind boggling and kind of infuriating. Like I said, we’re new. We don’t have the city awareness to guestimate how much cash we’re going to have to have on us to get where we need to go. This is complicated even further by not knowing where all the bank machines are, so we can’t even fix it when we realize we’re going to be short. Letting us pay by card in the car would solve everything in a snap, not to mention be super convenient for everybody.

You’ve been great to us so far, Kitchener. As much as we miss Guelph, we’re really starting to like you. If you could just fix this one little thing for us, we might start thinking about taking this relationship to the next level.

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