New Guide Dog Journals Day 3

Oops. I slept in this morning. Was up emailing and fighting with the WordPress app. Let’s not do that again. I usually don’t sleep in until the second week of training.

Tansy is still giving me trouble with heeling but the instructors are helping me.

Got a shorter handle. Let’s hope that feels better.

She’s such a ball of fire. After relieving, which she did both, she came back in, rolled around on the floor and tried to use me as a chew toy! Silly dog.

We’re in the lounge doing a bit of Juno and a bit of doggie route walking.

We did some work with turns with Wheeler, the stuffed pup. I see that Tansy likes crates. Then we went out on a route, and my oh my it was pretty close to perfect. Couldn’t ask for much better. We had a real live traffic check. Some jerk drove out in front of us. We had a huge lunch and then a bit of wheeler work since my left arm isn’t going back enough. They’re thinking of getting me a super short handle because Tansy is kind of long and skinny.

Oh another thing. The lounge wifi is messed up, so while I’m at the lounge I won’t be able to get emails or voxers or anything.

Man Tansy is going to be a challenge but a lot of fun. Our classmates are pretty cool. I think we’ll get along just fine. I forgot to mention Jen the instructor from my last class is here. She gave me a hug. But she’s not my primary instructor. Ah well that’s cool.
So Tansy pooped again. This time she pooped in front and then behind. Buh.

I think grooming comes next. Wanna bet Tansy bites the brush?

Well I was wrong about grooming. We had another workout that went pretty well and we worked out some finer points of giving her food reward. They seem to really have it down to a science. Had another real live traffic check. Jeebers they’re trying to kill me. I joked with Adam that they were his agents and he was paying them.

Then the instructors had to go to a meeting so no grooming stuff today.

Now we started working our dogs to the dining room. I finally got the straight goods on why they make us wait to work in buildings. It’s because buildings don’t have easy 90 degree turns like streets do. Ok makes sense.

So we worked our dogs to dinner. That was a little scary since I’m not 100% confident with the end of the route. Then we went to yoga, leaving Tansy in her crate.

Observations about Tansy: she will not chew her bone near her bed. She doesn’t do anything sneakily. She wants something? she’s going for it. She doesn’t appear to be a barker. Nurse came to see me and she didn’t make a sound. In other news, my headache is gone.

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