New Guide Dog Journals Day 5

Today’s going well. Tansy is being more goofy. Adam distracted us, but Tansy didn’t care. Yesterday she went right for him and I had done my first timeout But today not so much. Had a really good route this morning. The only thing I did at the end was step in her poop. Ok. That’s done. This afternoon they’re setting us up with a dog distraction…Danielle’s little tarrier. Danielle is my primary instructor. Fun abounds. I also brushed Tansy’s teeth and cleaned her ears. She was definitely more of a clown with the teeth. We’ve got our combs now too.

Tansy has learned that she can’t just go for something, she has to be stealth about it. Oh boy I have a smart one.

I’m thinking about getting Rose to do my laundry tomorrow.

I guess I should explain the timeout. Imagine your dog’s all distracted. So you bring the dog to you, but don’t give it any attention. When she’s got her working hat on again, halt and reward. So this afternoon we’re getting assessed on how we control our dogs in the face of a crazy tarrier. I guess at the end of next week we have to write a multiple choice test. From the questions I’ve seen it’s dead easy.

Another thing I like is in the downtime, other instructors will help with stuff.

I found a little scab on her chin. They said it’s nothing, it’s healing up.

I’ve noticed something weird. Last training I was always hungry. This time not so much. I wonder if it’s because I already know the basics.

So afternoon route went well. She didn’t really wig out too much at the dog. We had an awesome route and Danielle said she considers me independent on that route, so woo.

Damn but does it feel good to walk with a dog again. I hope I’m not getting a false sense of security here.

After the route, we took Tansy and another classmate into the paddock back at GDB to have a good run, and run they did. Tansy wasn’t the fastest at coming but she wasn’t horrible.

After Tansy finished running around like a maniac, we went back to the hotel to feed and do all that. Then I went to a tribute session designed for anyone who had a dog before. Well, let’s just say this facilitator left a lot to be desired. I don’t know what it was, but none of us felt like opening up. But two of us ended up having our own little tribute session in the hallway that did more good than anything that went on in that room. I did feel sorry for the facilitator, I sort of lit into him about this round of layoffs of field reps. oops. I didn’t mean for it to be that bloody.

And so ends day 5…but not before I got a huge scare. I walked into my room and started to play with Tansy and then noticed the carpet was damp. Turns out housekeeping had steam cleaned the carpet or something. For a second I thought Tansy had an accident.

Thoughts, odds and ends: I met someone who plays beepball, and even in the world series, the beepballs die just as easily. They have to buy scads of extras.
When Tansy poops, it seems to spread everywhere. So I’ll have to watch out for rogue pieces.
Tansy has started ducking her head when I put the harness on. Gotta fix that.
It’s so cute to watch the newbs worry about the precise timing of watering and feeding. I was one of those.
I hear someone searched for “Karen Tansy blog”. I can only guess this might be Tansy’s raisers. If so, welcome to the wild ride. Tansy is one adorable pooch and a serious worker. She entertains me endlessly and does some pretty stellar work. Thanks for raising her. I have a very good feeling that Tansy and I will graduate as a team, but I hope you understand if, god forbid, we don’t work out as a team and we have to switch dogs. Either way, Tansy is one sweet, adorable, loving, super smart, hardworking dog.

I think those were the loose ends I wanted to tie up. Heading for day 6.

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