What Do Your Tweets Say About The Kind Of Person You Are?

Here’s something kind of fun to waste a few minutes on. Actually scratch that, I’m sure I could waste far more than a few minutes on AnalyzeWords punching people into this thing and seeing if it comes back with anything close to what I think of them. What does AnalyzeWords do? AnalyzeWords helps reveal your […]

Putting The Family In Family Dollar

Delaina Garling was banned from a Family Dollar store for shoplifting, but like any good criminal looking to set an example for future generations, she went back there anyway, and brought her 7-year-olds along. You probably won’t be surprised to learn that she was quickly recognized by an employee and asked to leave. You also […]

White Donuts Will Turn You Black And Blue If You’re Not Careful

I love you, Florida. You always make this so easy on me. Police were called to the Walmart store on US 19 after Charles Cook’s girlfriend said he picked up a box of white powdered donuts and hit her in the face with it during an argument. During an interview with the responding deputy, Cook […]

“Where’s Our Son?” “He’s Fine. I Sent Him Out To Play With Mike.”

Good: Your 2-year-old child is out in the yard on a lovely Sunday afternoon, happily playing and sipping on some lemonade. Not so good: Your 2-year-old child is found wandering down the road on a Sunday afternoon. He’s not wearing any shoes or socks and he’s got a bottle of hard lemonade in each hand. […]

New Guide Dog Journals: My Meeting With Tansy Recorded, Complete With Blemishes

Remember I said I had our meeting recorded, but it was too big to email? Well, now I’ve got it off the phone and all converted. Notice how I can’t work my phone? That’s because I was too shaky. Also notice how I almost call her Trixie? Here’s my meeting with Tansy, all 8 minutes […]

New Guide Dog Journals: The Journey Home

Well here I am, although who knows where here is since I’m sitting in a chair in the sky. Woke up early and ran around grabbing all the odds and ends I couldn’t pack up until absolutely necessary. The resident advisor came in, had a boo around and confirmed I hadn’t forgotten anything. Then the […]