Trix meets Tans!

A picture of Trixie and Tansy, with Carin in the middle.
So, Trixie and Tansy met for the first time last weekend. I thought it was going to be this weekend, but it turned out to be last weekend. Hmm…I’m not sure how to describe their meeting. Tansy was thrilled to death and was her party animal self. Trixie, on the other hand, kept changing her mind. First she was neutral. Then she decided she was good with her as long as there was a perimeter. But when Tansy greeted Brad, Trix was none too pleased. She walked up next to her, and I swear I saw her mouth against Tansy’s neck. So…I brought Tansy over. No need for any kind of fight to break out.

Then Tansy and another dog ended up tied to stakes and Trix was loose. She took great pleasure in that, seeming to tease the other dogs. And, this way, I could say hello to Trix, since Tansy wasn’t right next to me, and Trix wasn’t feeling like she had to keep that perimeter.

Eventually we got a picture of the two dogs, one on each side of me. Here it is. It was kind of spooky how alike they looked. In fact, Brad tried to play a trick on me, saying I had taken the wrong dog to the car when I went to leave, and I had to start inspecting Tansy for fat lumps and other small differences.

So the dogs have met. We’ll see how meeting no. 2 goes. That’ll probably be in June.

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