He May Be A Creep, But At Least He Was Going To Clean Up After Himself

Antone Owens had to know that his life of crime wasn’t going to last forever. Not just because almost no one’s does, but because when you’re a not so discreet B and E artist with an apparent online porn problem, it’s just a matter of time. In a caseĀ from March, a female resident said she […]

Hello, 911? My Mug Shot Looks Terrible! Ok, We’ll Be Right Over To Help You Take Another One

“I look gorgeous in this mug shot” are words that to the best of my knowledge have likely never been spoken. Mug shots catch people at their worst, which makes them hard to like (for the subject, at least). But until I ran across the story of Tonya Ann Fowler just now, I had never […]

It’s A Shame That Kooler Heads Couldn’t Have Prevailed

Sometimes you have to stand up for what you believe in. Sometimes somebody crosses a line with you in such a way that you might even have to fight for it. If you’re 22-year-old Brandon Antron Crosley of Cocoa, Florida, that line is drawn at the point where dad is obviously messing up the Kool-Aid […]

Stolen Teeth And A Bottle Stabbing Over A Denied Soup Request. Just Another Day In Florida

If you asked me to make a list of things that make this blog writing stuff a whole lot easier, two items I’d put right near the top of it would be police blotters and the state of Florida. And when those two things come together, oh boy. ASSAULT WITH A DEADLY WEAPON A man […]

The Equal Access To Books For The Blind Petition Is Accessible Now, But You’d Better Hurry If You’d Like To Sign It

Some good news on the equal access to books for the blind petition courtesy of this week’s Top Tech Tidbits. The petition in support of the treaty on accessible books for people who are blind that is located on the White House website is finally accessible to people who are blind. Previously, it was paradoxically […]