He May Be A Creep, But At Least He Was Going To Clean Up After Himself

Antone Owens had to know that his life of crime wasn’t going to last forever. Not just because almost no one’s does, but because when you’re a not so discreet B and E artist with an apparent online porn problem, it’s just a matter of time.

In a case from March, a female resident said she returned home and found porn on her computer monitor. She also found lubricant, towels and a cell phone nearby, police said.

When she picked up the cell phone, she saw Owens outside her home’s sliding glass door, police said. As she called 911, Owens shouted at her and threatened to break the door, according to police.

He then pulled on the lock, entered the home and threatened to kill her, police said. Owens grabbed the lubricant and the phone before running out the back door.

The article goes on to recap some other cases, including one in which the victim returned to his house to find Owens inside. When he called 911, Owens ran off without bothering to close the browser tab full of porn or take the towels that were sitting next to the computer with him.

And then there’s this.

In the fall of 2011, a homeowner on Polk Street in Eugene reported an intruder had entered the home and surfed pornographic websites multiple times. In one incident, the homeowner’s son woke up to find the intruder in his bedroom, officers said.

Polk Street? That’s close enough for a names tag, as far as I’m concerned.

Owens has been charged with burglary, menacing and coercion, and police would like you to get in touch if you’ve been the victim of an incident you think could add to that.

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