The Jays Suck, Concerts Don’t And Wrestling Is Somewhere In Between

So here we are, nearly at the end of July. How the hell did that happen? I was talking to somebody the other day about how fast this year is going, and we agreed that while most years fly bye anymore, this one seems to be doing so even quicker than usual. Even though we’ve […]

Good Riddance To A Bad Policy Maker

In other retirement news I didn’t get around to posting when it happened, Vic Toews, Canada’s surveillance happy, charity busting Public Safety Minister has become Canada’s former surveillance happy, charity busting Public Safety Minister. He says he’s leaving office to spend more time spying on his family. I may have made that last part up. […]

There’s No Such Thing As Something For Nothing, Part 8103

Update: Carin pointed out a pretty big oversight on my part, that being the soundtrack! Bowser and Blue Vasectomy Brian’s Balls by the Arrogant Worms should be here too, but I can’t seem to find it. In these tough economic times, the ability to save money is perhaps as important as it has ever been. […]

Oh Yeah Lincoln Tunnel, Take It All!

Now that I’ve heard the story of George Simpson Jr., cereal eating, phone using bus drivers don’t seem quite so bad. New Jersey’s transit agency has removed a bus driver for committing a lewd act on the job. A commuter videotaped 41-year-old George Simpson Jr. masturbating behind the wheel. The video shows him maneuvering the […]