Sony And Amazon Don’t Think You Should Be Reading This Post, Blind Person

Why do companies that make products and provide services I enjoy have to be such complete and total discriminatory arseholes? Check out these utterly absurd reasons why Sony and Amazon don’t think they should have to comply with the Twenty-first Century Communications and Video Accessibility Act of 2010, which mandates that electronic devices be made […]

How Those Fake Asian Pilot Names Appear To Have Found Their Way To That Newscast

Thanks to Rich Lieberman who blogs about media in the area, more information is coming out about how exactly those fake Asian pilot names wound up making it to air on the KTVU news. It turns out that the names were read out loud after all and even flagged as suspect by at least one […]

For At Least One Night, Being At An Astros Game Wasn’t The Worst Thing About Being At An Astros Game

If Houston Astros fans are an actual species that exists in the wild, I would like to apologize to them for not getting to this before now. I would especially like to apologize if any of them are the type to enjoy a cold, refreshing snow cone at the game now and then. After watching […]

The Shrimp Won’t Be The Only Ones In The Can

Given how off putting and just plain gross the idea of canned shrimp sounds, I kind of understand why Jayson Laughman became a sword wielding, knife throwing maniac when he was accused of swiping some. Michael Airhart, 52, and Laughman had a “heated verbal argument” before agreeing to go outside and “engage in a physical […]

When Dealing With Quebec’s Language Police, It’s Hard To Tell The Truth From The Comedy

Earlier this year when it was big news, I was wracking my brain trying to figure out what it was that the true story of the Quebec language police trying to shake down Italian and British restaurants because their menus had words like “pasta” and “fish and chips” on them reminded me of. Today while […]

Has A Record Company Ever Been This Honest About Anything?

I’m not posting this as another musical thing for me to drool over, though it likely wouldn’t be too bad. I’m noting it because it’s one of those very rare cases when a record company actually tells us the truth. In order to take advantage of new copyright extension rules in the European Union, whoever […]

How Does That Old Rhyme Go? I Scream, Then I Punch You In The Face For Ice Cream?

Yes, it’s disappointing when you think you’re going to get free ice cream but then you find out after you’ve ordered that your stupid coupon is expired. But no, that does not make it ok to punch the lady behind the counter when she apologizes and says that that’ll be $3.50, sir instead of just […]

Calling Any Of These Things Food Seems Mighty Generous

Since I’m about to go get lunch and I’m sure many of you are too, I figured why not send us all on our way with this. 10 Foods that Thankfully Flopped There are some real winners in here including Cereal Mates, which I don’t remember but which sounds completely wrong and horrifying. Number 2, […]