Grinding Out 1-6-2: Help Fund A Book About Following The Blue Jays Around Next Season

Following a baseball team everywhere it goes for an entire season and writing a book about the experience seems like such an obvious idea once you hear it, so why has nobody come up with it or done it yet? I don’t know, but Neal Smith would like to, and he’d like your help.

Baseball is a game of every day. 162 games in 180 days, all over the North American continent. Thousands of miles flown, more than a dozen stadia seen, all major cities visited. And that’s just one season. 
My project is to write a book based on following the Toronto Blue Jays around all season in 2014 to each of their games. 
I will write about the season, the travel, the cities and the inevitable hitches, baseball people, fans and interesting characters that I meet along the way. 
The book will not just be about baseball, though. Baseball is the vehicle that tells the story. I am determined to ensure that this book has a wide as appeal as possible, and therefore it will be a book for all baseball fans.
Each leg of the journey will be divided into chapters. Each series will comprise 1 chapter.
Each section will cover the baseball games, but it won’t read like a game log at all. I will cover the games in a general sense rather than an in the first inning this happened, and in the second it was this and the …. etc. 
I intend to focus on the stadium, food, people met, the city and any issues getting from place to place. It will give a flavour of the life of being on the road and a slave to the game. 
There will be at least 3 colour picture sections through the book as well.

This definitely sounds like something I would want to read, and I’m sure I’m not the only one. It also sounds a lot like a trip I’d love to make if at some point in my life I become filthy rich.

If you want more information or to help fund the project, the Kickstarter page is here. He needs to raise at least £50,000, and has until August 26th to do so. I hope he makes it, since this could be quite the awesome story.

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