We’re Getting Shafted On Holidays Again: The Blue Jays 2014 Schedule Edition

I used to point this out quite a bit, but didn’t much harp on it this year…I don’t think. I’m kinda glad I didn’t waste the energy in hindsight, since I don’t remember the last time I gave up on a baseball season quite so hard as I have on this one. Christ, this morning […]

The Old Vice-Mayor Just Ain’t What He Used To Be

Now that he’s no longer the Vice-Mayor of Mount Carmel, Tennessee, it’s only natural that William Blakely would want to find a new way to occupy his time. What’s not so natural or maybe a little too natural depending on your perspective is the pastime he apparently chose. According to police and a bunch of […]

What Kind Of Name Is Decadent Chocolate Chip For A Cookie, Anyway

Speaking of Dave Nichol, Carin wondered this morning while we were talking about him why you would ever call a cookie decadent, since decadent means decaying. I said I was pretty sure that it also meant something like sinful or pleasing, but she wasn’t convinced. Well, I looked it up. There’s decay and moral decline […]