Some Bad Losing Streaks And A Good Thing About The Blue Jays

Mercifully, we’re finally nearing the end of the festering shitheap that has been the 2013 Toronto Blue Jays season. It’s been awful, simple as that. It’ll be a miracle if they manage to break the .500 mark or even get close to it. But since I am, believe it or not, somewhat of an optimist, I can take some comfort in the fact that at least the Jays aren’t on a losing skid as long and painful as any of the 7 on this list …yet.

The Division I-AA school piled on 31 consecutive losing seasons from 1976 to 2006. Panthers’ fans would especially love to forget the ’90s, when the team lost 80 straight games.

I can hardly get my head around this. Losing 80 straight games is terrible no matter the sport, but football seasons aren’t all that long compared to sports like basketball, hockey and especially baseball. It would take years to amass that sort of futility. I’m in awe, quite frankly.

Speaking of being in awe, how about Ryan Goins? He’s had one of the better starts to a major league career in Jays history and I don’t think anybody expected it. I didn’t, at least. I remember seeing him in spring training and thinking he’s ok, wonder if we’ll ever see him called up? Between then and now I hadn’t given him another thought unless I happened to catch some of a Buffalo game, but wholly hell is he good! It’s too early to proclaim him the long-term answer to the who is the second baseman of the future question and I’m sure there’s going to be a bit of a regression as often happens with new guys, but right now I’d have no problem with at least giving him a shot there next year. For now I’m just going to enjoy him for what he is, one of the few bright spots in a pitiful mess of a year.

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