I Drive A Green Car But I Need It Painted Black. And Now I’m Locked Away And Freedom Won’t Come Back

At first, Westley C. French, Richard Andrew Genn and Gregory Raymond Carson weren’t doing too badly on their little crime spree. After beating and robbing the new owner of a truck that one of them had recently sold because they wanted it back, they ditched it a few hours later, I suppose figuring the police […]

We Regret The Error, The June Edition

The geniuses at Deadspin have struck some serious gold with this one. They’ve started a feature called We Regret The Error, which compiles mistakes and the subsequent apologies that air on local newscasts. Amazingly (not really all that amazingly if you’ve watched the 6 o’clock news for any length of time), there are so many […]

I Need A Helper To Assist Me With Understanding Homestead Taxi’s No Blind People Policy

Thankfully, beyond the odd one trying to rip me off now and then, I’ve never really had a problem with a cab company. Poor Carin has had a few minor scrapes, but I think those are mostly attributable to her having a dog. Right or wrong (it’s unquestionably wrong), I understand reactions like “aaaaaaaaaahhhhh, I’m […]

There Is An Apple IIe Emulator With Echo Speech. Thank You, Internet

This, if it works as advertised, is going to be beyond awesome! For years Carin and I wished that something like it existed, and now it does. Calling those of you who remember playing games on Apple computers back in the 80’s. Would you like to reconnect with childhood memories you thought were lost forever? […]