Which Is It? Celebrity Baby Name Or Computer Virus

Here’s a fun little quiz to test your knowledge of celebrity children, computer viruses or in my case, neither. I only scored 45%, which says a lot about…something. I guess I shouldn’t feel too badly, though. The average is only 52%. CELEBRITY BABY NAME OR COMPUTER VIRUS?

Who Are The People Being Sung About In Some Famous Songs

Thank you for solving a few mysteries for me, Mental Floss. The Real People and Events Mentioned in 11 Hit Songs Thanks to this, The Weight finally makes a little more sense. Although the mention of Nazareth in the opening line has led many listeners to believe the song has Biblical allusions, the town being […]

Breaking News From CTV. It Was Hot Yesterday, You Guys! And We Can Even Show You Why!

So here’s one of the more embarrassingly stupid and useless things I’ve happened to catch on the news in a while. Not only is the hot weather a major story on the *local* newscast as if anybody living in the area is going to be caught completely off guard by it should they fail to […]

There Are New iPhones, In Case Nobody Bothered To Tell You

Since nobody really bothered to cover this, I feel it is my duty to let you know that there will be new iPhones in a few days. A few things from the article stick out. The new cheaper 5C, how much better is it than what’s currently available? Considering that my iPhone 4 still does […]

Help The Arrogant Worms Pay For Their New Album

The Arrogant Worms, who you should learn to love if you don’t already love them, have started a crowdfunding campaign to help pay for their next album. It’s been up for a while already and looks like it’s doing pretty well ($4,527 of the $6,000 goal already raised as of this writing with 49 days […]

Hello, NSA? I Lost An Email. Can You Guys Find It For Me?

Bahram Sadeghi has made one of the better prank phone calls of the past several years. The other day he got an email, and he permanently deleted it totally by accident. He’d really like to get it back, but not even the people at “the internet shop” can recover it. But since it’s such an […]