“I Was Thinking It Would Have A Horseman Baby.” Forget The Rest Of The Title, You’ve Already Clicked

This story is a bit old, but when old stories are this story, age ain’t nothin’ but a number, my friends. Clearly, Andrew Mendoza is a lot of things. And for both better and worse, honest to a fault appears to be one of them. In a statement given to a sergeant with the Wharton […]

We Live In A Busy Society, So It’s Nice Of The Fireworks People To Get Things Over With Quickly

Remember that time when 18 minutes worth of San Diego fireworks display went off in 15 seconds? Apparently 2012 was a bad year for that, because here’s video of something similar happening in Scotland a few months later. This one was said to have been the result of a rocket misfiring and bouncing into all […]

Crank Is In The Tank, And She’s Got Crank To Thank

Recently arrested on charges of child endangerment and possession of methamphetamine is the most appropriately named person I’ve run across in some time, Zara Crank. Cpl. Jon Poletski said officers went to Shasta Regional Medical Center shortly before 5 a.m. to check out a reported child molestation. Poletski said Zara Crank, 22, had called 911 […]

Do You Ever Feel Already Buried Deep Six Feet Under? Scream But No One Seems To Hear A Thing. Do You Know That There’s Still A Chance For You…If You Just Rethink The Torch Idea

Remember when you were growing up and all those teachers and parents and grandparents kept telling you to live your life straight and narrow? The reason they kept saying that is because sometimes the alternative is dying widely scattered in all directions, and they wanted better for you. Two men were killed in an explosion […]