Microsoft Says You Shouldn’t Use Security Essentials, But That You Should Use It. Good Luck To Ya

I don’t use Microsoft Security Essentials because I’ve used NOD32 for years and am quite happy with it, plus I’ve always found the idea of Microsoft making security software to be kind of hilarious considering some of its history. But I do know some folks who do, so I figured it might be worthwhile to point those people and the people who maintain their computers in the direction of this possibly troubling article.

It seems that Microsoft has been talking out of both sides of its mouth, telling consumers via the product website that Security Essentials provides “comprehensive malware protection” while at the same time giving interviews to media outlets saying that it provides only basic protection and that people should really be using something else. this has apparently been going on for a while, and the company is refusing to definitively pick a side.

There’s almost no way for this to end well for anyone who has come to depend on MSE. It would be nice if Microsoft would just be straight with everyone instead of eventually making the internet security problem worse for all of us.

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