What’s This Eye Surgery Business

Seems my passing reference to eye surgery in yesterday’s happy birthday to the blog post didn’t go unnoticed. Nice to see that folks are paying attention. So since people are asking about it, I should probably explain. I’ll let one of the comments I left over there do some of the heavy lifting for me.

When I was little, they noticed a small cataract on my left eye. It wasn’t worth bothering with because it wasn’t harming anything and it wouldn’t really be worth removing especially the way surgery like that was at the time. But they told me that as I got older it might get bigger and maybe be a problem. Well…it’s bigger now, and sometimes that eye gets really sensitive/watery/just sort of strange. I had an appointment a couple of weeks ago to get it looked at, and it’s starting to expand into different parts of my eye. So tomorrow I’m seeing a specialist and from there we’re going to decide if it’s time to clean everything up. I’m betting on yes. It’ll be kind of nice to have 2 blue eyes again instead of 1 blue one and a greyish cloudy one and it’ll be cool to know my eye isn’t going to become deformed or explode or anything ridiculous, but who looks forward to surgery, right?

So tomorrow has become today and the appointment has come and gone. And much like some of my baseball predictions (Rays, Pirates and possibly Dodgers, I’m looking in your direction), yes was not a good bet.

Long story short, the doctor is reluctant to go in and do anything unless it’s absolutely necessary because there are some complicated things going on in there and it may ultimately cause more discomfort than it cures. the eye feels good most of the time, so it’s probably best to leave well enough alone for as long as we can, he figures. As long as my eye won’t be blowing up or doing other doubtlessly painful things, I’m fine with this.

And this might make Brother Brad laugh. the guy even used the word “spew,” as in “I imagine opening that thing up and having the whole contents of the eye spew everywhere.” That sounded like a very Braddish thing to say, and it was even funnier because the specialist’s name is Brad.

To confirm that he’s right, he’s sending me for an ultrasound on both eyes in a couple of weeks. How do you ultrasound eyes? I’ve never heard of that, nor had Carin when I told her what the plan was.

So that’s where we are. Once he has a chance to look at the results things could change, but for now it looks like there’s no surgery on the horizon for me.

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