Rob Ford: So Much More Than Just An Admited Crack Smoker

So Rob Ford, after lying for as long as possible like he always does, admitted today that yes, he has indeed smoked crack.

Naturally this has Twitter going insane, and it’s starting to confuse the Americans.

A while ago I sent out a tweet asking CFRB to please stop calling it “shocking” that Rob Ford smokes crack, because nobody is shocked. Just look at the guy. Watch his history. Maybe it’s not crack, but he’s over using something or other. I went on to say that if anything is “shocking,” it’s that even though he lied in the process by saying that nobody had ever asked the have you smoked crack question specifically, Rob Ford got as close as Rob Ford may have ever gotten to owning up to wrongdoing.

This prompted Ro to say that Americans were shocked, because they don’t really know the guy. That’s a fair point, so I offered to find her a Rob roundup of sorts to help all of this make more sense. Then Michelle chimed in to save me the Googling, and man did she ever come through huge. 60 OTHER THINGS TORONTO MAYOR ROB FORD HAS DONE BESIDES SMOKING CRACK IN A┬áVIDEO

It’s actually more than 60 thanks to the updates, which I haven’t gotten to yet. But this should be more than enough for our international visitors to get to know a little bit more about the Mayor of Canada’s largest city. Hell, I live not even 2 hours away from the place and there are a few things in here that I didn’t even know.

Thanks, Michelle! You’re my hero today.

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