If You’ve Never Seen Bret Hart Win The World Title From Ric Flair In Saskatoon, Here You Go

I’ll always remember how shocked my 12-year-old self was when it turned on wrestling one weekend in 1992 and heard the news that Bret Hart had beaten Ric Flair for the WWF title a few days earlier on a show in Saskatoon. It wasn’t just shocking because there was a new world champion and at that point in my life I think I’d seen less world title changes than I have fingers, but also because it was Bret Hart winning and it came so out of nowhere. If there were any hints that he was even in the hunt to win the belt at the time, I totally didn’t pick up on them.

I wanted so badly to see that match, but of course they never put it on TV or video or anything…or so I thought.

Of course it’s on YouTube. Everything’s on YouTube. But how did it get there? I used to rent and borrow every wrestling tape I could possibly rent and borrow. How did I miss this one? the WWF commercially released a title change that nobody had seen. it was Bret Hart winning in Canada. That’s kind of a big deal. You’d think somebody somewhere would’ve had a copy. But today is the first I’ve ever heard of it even existing. I shouldn’t complain, I suppose. At least now I’ve seen it.

And I mean no disrespect to Gorilla Monsoon or Lord Alfred Hayes who I grew up with and will always have a fondness for, but some of the commentary here is pretty bad considering that it’s a match for the most important belt in the company at a time when it was still treated as important. Whatever the opposite of doing everything but paying attention to the match for several minutes at a time is, they really should have done that.

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