I Was Hoping We Could Fly JetBlew Together

I don’t know how to introduce this, so let’s just get to the story.

Brett Zorse, 50, apparently took a liking to a 32-year-old woman he was seated next to on a flight between San Francisco and New York. Being the friendly, flirtatious type, Zorse struck up a conversation or 2 with her during the trip, conversations she says always managed to find their way into Sexland, a place to which she was not interested in traveling. For example…

At one point, the woman recalled, she offered to retrieve something Zorse wanted from the overhead compartment, remarking that she would save him from having to climb over her to get his belongings. “I’d really like to climb all over you,” Zorse replied, according to the woman.

Either because she had had enough of him or because it’s just something she does, the woman took some medication to help her fall asleep a few hours into the flight. We can argue the wisdom of that decision all day long, but that’s what she did. And weird guy or not, nobody should have to consider the possibility that what allegedly happened next is going to happen.

About 40 minutes before arrival at John F. Kennedy International Airport, the woman “woke up… to Zorse massaging her thigh underneath her skirt.”
When the woman demanded to know what he was doing, Zorse reportedly said, “It’s not like I molested you. It’s not like I stuck my finger in your pussy or grabbed your tits.” Zorse followed up that statement by noting, “I wouldn’t mind a massage right now.”

I think now might be a good time to point out that there were actually 3 people in this row of seats, not just the 2 we’ve been focusing on. We have the woman, we have Zorse, and because why wouldn’t the type of guy who would do something like this also do something like this, we have Zorse’s 12-year-old son.

Zorse, of course, has a slightly different take on what went down/came up.

He told police that he believed the nice lady was “flirting with him. He said that she had been telling him how attractive he was and that he was a good father, and that as a result he felt that a bond had formed between them. He admitted that yeah, he put his hand on her leg for maybe 30 seconds, but there was none of that under the skirt funny business, thank you very much. But interestingly he did say that there was a chance he could’ve said all that it’s not like I molested you stuff, which is almost as good as an admission, no?

He was charged with simple assault and could spend up to 6 months in jail, where it’s not like someone might make with an inappropriate finger or anything.

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