A Very Late Goodbye To Sean Keane

I was just sitting here, Googling a few comedians who’s names I hadn’t heard in a while to see what they were up to, when I stumbled on something one of them had written about a Sean Keane tribute show. Uh-oh, tribute show? That doesn’t sound good. So I immediately switched my focus to Googling Sean Keane and sure enough, he died of a heart attack near the end of 2012.

He was an absolutely hilarious guy, one I wish I’d gotten to see a lot more of. I only ever caught him on TV and radio a few times, but they were always memorable and I never forgot his name. Mister Sean Keane | Winnipeg Comedy

I wish I could find the episode of Comics! he did. there were a lot of great episodes, but his was always one of my favourites. Man I miss that show.

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