Tansy’s First Christmas and Other Things

So…we made it through Christmas. Today was a day of *flop*. I don’t know why this Christmas was so exhausting, but wow. I must be getting old. I’m posting these pictures of Tansy with Santa for two reasons: first, so they can be up for all to see, and second, pleasepleaseplease tell me I fixed […]

Yes, Apple Is Popular. But It Doesn’t Have Networking Standards Named After It, Mr. FBI Investigator Guy

The specifics of the case in question here aren’t really important, though threatening kids on the internet is certainly a serious matter. What I’m more concerned about is that there are FBI agents investigating online activity who think that the presence of a MAC address in network connection logs signifies that criminals are using Apple […]

Another Reminder Not To Eat Everything You See, Kids

VINTAGE 80’S WE’RE NOT CANDY PSA COMMERCIAL WITH SINGING PILLS My guess is that this is what happens when you watch the Don’t Put It In Your Mouth PSA after you’ve already mistaken pills for candy. I’ve never seen this version of Don’t Put It In Your Mouth, by the way. The only one I […]

The Ability To Film Yoga Classes Has Been Patented. In 2013

Derik Mills and Yogaglo, Inc are some serious geniuses. I never thought I would see the day when it would be possible to film something and stream it online. Well done, gents. And a hearty good game to the United States patent office, an institution which is clearly entirely competent and not broken in any […]