Traditions And Memories

Here again is Gill, this time talking holiday traditions and memories.

Here come the holidays! Like it or not you will probably go somewhere with your family. You probably also have traditions that have gone back generations, like the sumtuous turkey dinner with all the trimmings, or the joining of hands to say the blessing. There are also those more modern ones. You know gathering around to watch Christmas Vacation, or the family game of snow football.

Memories are also made at this time. Some are for later amusement, like when uncle Larry ever the comedian got drunk and tried to put up the decorations. The emergency room nurses had a tough time not laughing at him being wheeled in with a Santa Clause stapled to his rear end. Some are sad, like when cousin Tyler was hit by a drunk driver and now is paralyzed from the chest down. Others still are distant, like when my dad, a giant to me picked me off the floor and tried to put me on top of the tree.

Whatever those traditions and memories are they hopefully will last for generations to come. What are your favorite traditions, memories, or moments?

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