Everything You Know Is Wrong. Got My Mind Set On You Is Not A George Harrison Song

“Got My Mind Set on You” is that ridiculously fun George Harrison song from the 1980’s. Everyone knows that. But as I discovered this morning, everyone is wrong. That’s right,it was actually first recorded by a guy named James Ray in the early 1960’s, around the same time people were starting to realize that those […]

It’s Obvious You Love The Refreshment Cart, Sir. The Demonstration Won’t Be Needed

I’m just going to go ahead and present this without comment, because how am I supposed to improve upon it? A train traveller who had devoured a cocktail of legal highs and alcohol was arrested after trying to have sex with a drinks trolley. Andrew Davidson was seen humping the trolley while shouting ‘I want […]

Finally, An Answer To The Question On Everyone’s Mind. How Much Time Will You Get For Violating Fake Pumpkins And Pool Toys

When last we left Edwin Charles Tobergta III, he was potentially looking at 12 months in the cooler after yet another bout of daylight public pool toy sex. After pleading guilty to a public indecency charge in September, Tobergta was sentenced to 11 of those months last November. So unless they have pools or Halloween […]