The January Blaw

It’s a new year, and it’s time for a few new words from Gill.

I wish somebody would sign me up for a vodka of the month club, by the way.

Have you ever heard of The January Thaw? It’s that thing when the mercury creeps
up, and you think spring is on it’s way?

This is slightly different. Everything is down and put away, and you take that
probable walk of shame to the mailbox. You discover that dreaded bill. Now the
buyers remorse begins. Why did you sign uncle Larry up for that Vodka of the month
club, or buy cousin Michelle that box set of Sex And the city?

Everything seems really bleak right? It doesn’t have to be. How can you get over
the January blaw and cheer up? Learn a new language, read some good books, watch
comedies, or learn to cook something new and different.

My own little cure for Jan Blaw is putting on my boots and hauling rear end outside.

Happy New Year friends

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