Not Only Is This Kid Better Than You At Music, He Gets To Play It In Front Of A Big Crowd With A Cool Band

How awesome would it be to be good at stuff? Good at stuff the way music playing kids like Aidan Fisher are good at stuff. Watch as this 11-year-old boy absolutely shreds the living crap out of some Van Halen with a little help from the band Steel Panther during a concert that took place on my most recent birthday, not that you’ll really care about me and my milestones as you watch this. 11 year old Aidan Fisher with Steel Panther

Hope you weren’t planning on impressing anyone with your guitar skills tonight.

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  1. What the actual? No, seriously. Where the hell do you find this crap, and why does this kid not have his *own* band? Just good. god. dayum.

    1. Like I tell everyone who asks, if I told you where this stuff comes from,I’d have to kill you. Haha.

      Yeah, kid is pretty goddamn great, isn’t he?

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