Help The Shoe Thief Win His Wedding. Yes, I Said Wedding!

Our old pal the Shoe Thief asked if I could do him a favour, and who am I to say no to that guy?

I don’t think we’ve mentioned it before here, but as of last summer, he’s engaged! To a girl! And she’s real! They haven’t set a date yet, but here’s where we can all maybe help that part along a touch.

They’ve entered a contest to win a $20,000 dream wedding, but to do that, they need votes. Votes from nice people like you. Hell, they’ll take votes from arseholes too, because every little bit helps. Their story has been picked as one of the five finalists, which is awesome. And now they have until Sunday to try to round up enough votes to take the whole thing. If you’d like to give them your support, here’s the contest page. Their entry is the one about love being blind. Don’t shoot the messenger, you guys.

A couple of those other stories are pretty hard not to vote for, but you have my word (if for some reason that means something to you) that Marty and Lisa are good people who could really use and would very much appreciate the help.

Thanks to anyone who votes, and good luck, you two! If you win, it’ll be the fanciest wedding I’ve ever been in. I am still in it, right?

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