Regular Noon

It’s been a while since we’ve heard from Gill, so here ya go.

Our dads were a lot alike, by the way. Only difference is that instead of a half hour, mine was usually closer to an hour and a half early for things.

This is the second installment in Parental Quirks. Today I would like to talk about
my dad. He’s a wonderful, kind, loving, and funny person, but has this tendency to
show up to appointments, events, and pickups early.

Last summer I was going to spend the week with my folks back home, and my mom
e-mailed me saying to be ready for noon. I thought of this for a moment, and
chanced to ask if it was Regular Noon, or Dad Noon. Dad noon my friends, is
somewhere closer to eleven-thirty. My mom e-mailed back telling me not to be

So what does this say for me? Well. Friends you’ll just have to wait until I write

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