Regular Noon

It’s been a while since we’ve heard from Gill, so here ya go.

Our dads were a lot alike, by the way. Only difference is that instead of a half hour, mine was usually closer to an hour and a half early for things.

This is the second installment in Parental Quirks. Today I would like to talk about
my dad. He’s a wonderful, kind, loving, and funny person, but has this tendency to
show up to appointments, events, and pickups early.

Last summer I was going to spend the week with my folks back home, and my mom
e-mailed me saying to be ready for noon. I thought of this for a moment, and
chanced to ask if it was Regular Noon, or Dad Noon. Dad noon my friends, is
somewhere closer to eleven-thirty. My mom e-mailed back telling me not to be

So what does this say for me? Well. Friends you’ll just have to wait until I write

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  1. Gill, my dear, I’d take your dad noon over my dad noon. My dad noon is often late…how late depends on how far he’s travelling from. this has a tendency to cause him to show up at our house hours later than expected…which can really mess up plans to go to buck and does, concerts, and other things that we had plans for. So…I’ll take your dad noon any day…unless that day happens to be when I’m late getting ready lol.

    1. “We’ll be leaving bright and early tomorrow morning,” said the man who bright and early the next morning could be found calmly sipping something refreshing while reading the paper in front of a freshly lit fire.

  2. I knew you’d have something to say about that haahahaha.

    1. How could I not? It was everything you’d ever warned me about come to life for the first time before my eyes.

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