Your Website Shouldn’t Care That I’m A Screenreader User And Here’s Why

I don’t totally understand why given that it’s 2014 and we really should be beyond it, but the subject of plain text, “more accessible” versions of websites still comes up more than you’d think. For the record, I hate those and you should, too. And in a new post on his accessibility blog, Marco breaks […]

No, They Only *Act* Like They’re From Another Planet

A lot of Canadians like to take digs at Americans over how much they don’t know about other countries. “If it’s not their own home, they’re ignorant,” says the popular opinion. Well, the popular opinion might want to rethink that, since at least some of them don’t seem to know all that much about their […]

Of Course Opening Day Should Be A Holiday. Why Is This Even A Question?

So here’s a stupid question. Does the return of baseball deserve its own holiday? Are bears Catholic? Does the Pope shit in the woods? Of course opening day should be a holiday! I’d also suggest we make holidays out of the start of NHL and CFL seasons while we’re at it. It’s not like me […]

CKCO Remembers The Good Old Days Of Local TV

Here’s the second part of CKCO’s series on its history. It’s a fun one, looking at some of the shows produced by the station over the years, back when local programming was an actual thing that existed rather than the tired marketing cry of massive corporations that don’t feel like they make enough money that […]

Remember that time Facebook tried to force people to use email addresses? Yeah, about that. Facebook has quietly closed its three-year-old email service that gave users “” email addresses. From now on, emails sent to an “” address will be forwarded to the personal email address from which the member signed up for the […]

Dear Crabby

Some really funny stuff here from Scott Feschuk of Macleans, as he takes real Dear Abby questions and answers them as Stephen Harper might answer them. DEAR ABBY: I was married to my high school sweetheart, “Linda,” for 37 years. I am a widower now, going into a new relationship with “Susan.” How do I […]

Happy 60th Birthday, CKCO TV

We’re supposed to call it CTV Kitchener now, but it’ll always be CKCO to me. But whatever your name of choice, this year marks its 60th anniversary. All this week, they’re doing flashback segments on the news looking at the history of the station. I love that sort of thing especially when It’s something I […]

The Fastest Alphabetical Rap You May Ever Hear, Because Who Does This?

I’m not the biggest rap fan in the world, but I can appreciate it. Some of those artists really are talented, creative people with important things to say. And then there are guys like Mac Lethal, who not only talks faster than you, but does it in alphabetical order. AMAZING TONGUE TWISTER RAP // (I […]