Rob Ford Does His Part To Ensure That Being Rob Ford Doesn’t Spread To Future Generations

So, how did you celebrate Canada’s big gold medal hockey win on Sunday? Did you drink a few beers? Clap? Yell? Cheer? Scream? Accidentally mash your man parts into a fire hydrant?

Rob Ford runs groin-first into fire hydrant while celebrating Canada’s gold medal in hockey

For the second straight time, Rob Ford’s celebration of a Canadian gold medal in hockey has become an international viral sensation. While he impressed Toronto by going airborne when the women’s team made a miraculous comeback over the United States, his excitement over the men’s victory was a little less graceful and a lot more painful.

The National Post‘s Darren Calabrese caught the moment Ford ran groin-first into a fire hydrant while frolicking with revellers in Maple Leaf Square in Toronto. Ford caught Canada’s 3-0 win over Sweden in Real Sports bar and was mobbed when he joined the celebrations outside.

Funny as that is, the time he ran into the camera is pretty hard to beat.

Yup, still my favourite.

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