Misheard Lyrics

Here’s Gill on the subject of misheard song lyrics. I also suggest you visit KissThisGuy.com if you haven’t before or even if you have. It’s fun. Just make sure you haven’t got anything else to do for a while.

It’s inevitable that at some point or another when you are hanging out in your room, riding along with someone, or just happen to be somewhere where music is playing that you might just mishear lyrics. You might sing along, creating embarrassing or comical results, or you might just keep to yourself the way you heard the song, and laugh or shudder the next time the song happens to be heard by you.

Some of my misheard lyrics were for Video Killed the Radio Star. When they said cut rewind we’ve gone too far I thought they meant concrete line we’ve gone too far. I’m on fire for you baby was I’m going to lay upon you baby all night.

So it’s up to you my friends, tell me of your misheard lyrics, and how embarrassing or comical they have been.

See you soon

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