Are You Better At Trivia Than The Smartest Person In Canada? I’m Not, It Turns Out

Until I come up with something else for you to read, here’s a fun Maclean’s quiz to keep you busy and hopefully sharp.

Your aim is to do better than Peter Dyakowski, Hamilton Tigercat and “Canada’s Smartest Person”, a title he earned by winning a 2012 CBC Television trivia show of which I have no memory whatsoever.

He scored 80%. I didn’t. I got 60. What ended up killing me were the geography questions. Geography has never been one of my strong points, which is funny since given all the news I see most days you’d figure I’d know where everything is by now. My own indecision didn’t do me any favours, either. I can think of at least 3 questions where I had it right, then changed my mind for some reason. Oh well, still not bad for having been awake less than an hour and not having had my tea.

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