No Sir, The Announcement Said Children Flying Alone Can Get Help On The Plane, Not Help You Get Off On The Plane

Ok seriously now, what’s the deal with guys groping women on planes? Is it some sort of perceived vulnerability thing? A sense that your victim can’t get away and that fuck it, they can’t arrest me in the sky so I might as well go for it? Whatever the reason it seems like it happens a lot, and it’s just happened again.

According to an FBI affidavit, Hans Loudermilk and the victim were traveling from Los Angeles to Salt Lake City, Utah, a 90-minute flight. After boarding the plane, Loudermilk stood in the aisle and asked the girl if she would move to the middle seat in their row. The teen, identified as “KD” in the affidavit, complied with Loudermilk’s request, reported FBI Agent Daniel Horan.

Following departure, the pair engaged in conversation that “started off just social, however turned sexual in nature,” Horan stated.

About 25 minutes before landing, Loudermilk allegedly told “KD” that he could “teach her things sexually that boys her age could not.” He added that she “should drive with him and that in the State of Utah he could marry her at her current age.”

As they spoke, Loudermilk moved closer to the girl and started touching her chin. “This touching progressed to rubbing KD’s leg and upper thigh,” reported Moran, who added that the girl “got extremely nervous and wanted this to end.”

The girl, who according to the report was traveling alone, tracked down a TSA agent as soon as the flight landed and reported the incident.

Noticing the conversation, Loudermilk decided to go the master of disguise route, hitting the airport gift shop and replacing the tan shirt he’d been wearing with a black jacket in an attempt to throw the authorities off his trail. It didn’t work, and for now his trail has ended in a jail cell, held without bail in advance of an April 10th court date where he’ll answer 2 felony charges of sexual abuse of a minor on an aircraft. Can’t say I’m clear on where the second count comes from since this all sounds like one assault to me, but I guess that’s for the justice system to sort out.

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