Uke Ensemble

Did you wake up this morning wishing you could hear somebody killing the absolute bejesus out of some Slayer on ukuleles? If so, today’s your lucky day, friend. And of course, the original. A uke version with the vocals left in would be pretty funny, I think. But for now I’ll settle for being seriously […]

Ooooooo…Yeah…I’m Gonna Make A Deposit…

When you drink, it’s not uncommon to tell or even show the folks around you how much you love them. Hell, sometimes the folks around you even think it’s funny or cute. But when the showing involves you dropping your pants and when the folks around you is a restaurant’s bank machine, trouble generally won’t […]

That’s The Sound Of Da Police…Having A Meeting With Management

Is it common for British police to ride around town with music blasting through the loudspeakers of their cruisers? It’s not something I think I’ve ever seen here in Canada. But common or not, I’d have figured there’d be about 3 billion songs give or take that they’d want to choose as a soundtrack before […]