An Update On Carin And Steve

Well hello there. Here’s what may or may not turn out to be a quick update on us for the benefit of the chunk of our readers who care about such things.

Carin is still in the hospital. It’s been a week now, which is way too long when you consider that she was supposed to be released last Thursday. We seriously just about had her out the door and headed for the car when a nurse came bye with some late breaking test results that put an unwelcomed stop to the forward momentum. She mostly feels fine and is busting to get out of there, but we both understand that she’s exactly where she needs to be right now. Like I say to everyone who asks, if there’s something going on, better the hospital catches it early with all its fancy technology than we catch it when it’s later and worse.

As for me, I’ve been keeping more than busy enough between the hospital, playing secretary/situation updater and taking care of Tansy.

The Tansy part of things has gone amazingly well, which will probably come as a complete shock to anyone who knows me. Hell, even I’ve been pleasantly surprised with myself. It’s been a big help that she’s been quite good about listening to me. I knew she would for small things because I’ve seen it, but usually I’m more of a play toy than an authority figure so I was a bit worried that I might have some problems. Things haven’t been perfect, but what is? All things considered, it’s gone great.

We’ve taken some walks through the neighbourhood during which I’ve learned that Tans is about the slowest sniff walker I’ve ever seen. The other day we took 45 minutes to walk 2 blocks and come back because she had to sniff every inch of the ground. And when I say every inch, I’m serious. I figured we were in trouble when the head dropped to the grass before we’d even made it out of the driveway, and I was not wrong. It was to the point where when we started to pick up speed, she’d realize she’d missed a spot and we’d have to go back and investigate. We’ve covered more ground since, which I attribute to the old ground being a touch less interesting in some spots. She even got to play with another dog in some woman’s yard the other day, after which that other dog proceeded to knock said woman flat on her arse on the lawn out of excitement. That’s something I can picture Tans doing, but she was calm as anything.

We’ve gone on a trip, which I think Tans needed as a bit of a stress reliever since she’s been left alone so much this week. We went to my grandparents’ farm for a Mother’s Day barbecue after I dropped in on Carin, and she got to run her fool head off since there’s so much room. She also got hosed down because out of the 3 dogs there, she was the only one who decided that flopping down for a rest in the slimiest water hole possible was a fine idea. Lord did she stink, even after the hosing. And so…

I’ve given her a bath. She does not like those very much at all. I usually help Carin with her, getting her in the tub and making sure she doesn’t escape. Getting her in there can sometimes be a bit of a procedure, so I was a little worried about how this was gonna go with 2 hands rather than 4. The answer, thank the gods, was better than you’d think. Much better, in fact. She tried to get away on me when she saw I was headed for the bathroom and fought me a bit while I lifted her in, but once that was done she actually took pretty well to the shampooing. She’s been pretty chill for the last hour or so, relaxing on one of her beds as she slowly dries off.

And amazingly, I’ve even been picking up poop! If you know me, you know what a huge deal that is. She’s almost broken me twice with some terrifyingly stenching deposits (I wonder if anybody heard those noises the other morning), but I’ve managed. And so far, the only one I’ve stepped in is an old one that some unknown rectal chapeau from the building left out there.

So yeah. Things have been tough, but we’re hanging in and managing. Thanks to everybody who’s checked in on Carin and even me. It’s nice to be reminded sometimes of how many people really do care.

That’s about it for now, I think. One of us will update you more when we have some time and know more things.

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