Why Aren’t We Putting The News Half Of Fox News In Quotes Yet?

The 43 Most Insane Fox News Moments Of All Time Not sure how you limit yourself to a mere 43, but I suppose there has to be a cutoff somewhere. There’s so much sadness and hilarity here, but if I’m going to pick just one thing to highlight it’s this clip of Bill Nye The […]

You’ve Made This Capture Easy. We Like That

Seems like we haven’t had one of these in a while. Police say 26-year-old Nicholas Wig checked his profile from a home he broke into, and then he didn’t log off. It happened June 19 in South St. Paul. “World’s dumbest criminal,” the homeowner James Wood said. “I don’t know.” Wood had come home to […]

What Do You Take Me For, The Kind Of Guy Who’d Sell Weed To A Cop?

No, Mr. Probation Officer Guy, of course I’m not dumb enough to bring pot into a courthouse. That would be…just…dumb! …Said Darren Shelley, the guy who was promptly discovered to be sporting 19 bags of the stuff in his left sock. I really only have one question here. How in the name of god do […]

Oh, You’re Officer Deegins? You Looked Like Officer Stone

if I told you that yet another person tried to sell marijuana to a cop, you might look at me and say something like “whatever. Off duty officer, plain clothes detective…these things happen. Easy mistake. Bad luck.” But if I were to then stop you and say no, this cop was on duty and in […]

Everybody Out Of The Pool, And Onto The Car!

Oh look. Another story about some imbecile letting her kids ride on top of the car. All six of them at once, which is probably a new record. Of course, things ended poorly. And yes, intoxicants were involved, at least so say police. Worried that her car’s interior would get soaked, a Texas woman directed […]