The Westboro Baptists Are Posting Parody Songs On SoundCloud Now. They Are Not Very Good

Fred Phelps may have finally kicked it, but his Westboro Baptist Church still seems to be alive and well…unless we’re talking in the head, where clearly it is profoundly not so.

Apparently some of these folks fancy themselves musicians, and have taken up residence on SoundCloud where they can channel their inner Weird Al by writing parodies about how much god hates everything. Obviously he hates fags, but he also hates Whitney Houston because she did drugs and the entire world because it sins proudly and we’re all going to eat our children…or something. and of course there are rap songs. What would a terrible religious campaign be without a sad attempt to be hip with the youngens, yo?

I haven’t made my way through all of this yet, because there’s only so much hate crime a fella can handle in one sitting. And no, that’s not simply my assessment of the vocal stylings on offer here, though it certainly does apply.

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  1. Would someone please, please, LEASE put Shirley out of her misery? She sounds … well, actually she sounds a little like a wounded animal.

    1. I laughed when I saw your name.

      I assume QA would reject this output.

      1. Hahahaha was reading too quickly and thought who the heck is Chris from CA? Looked again. Oh. Hi there. Wonder if they spell Shirley with a k?

        1. Perhaps we should spell crap with a K. Krap as in that music…or would that be musik?

          1. Yeah…definitely krappy musik. Their vokals sukk too, with an extra k.

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