Killer Robots: It’s Not Just In Science Fiction Anymore!

Serious as this article is, every time I see it, this song enters my head and won’t leave. I guess there’s a robotics company in KW that makes unmanned robots, and some of their buyers are the military and space agencies. They have decided that they do not want to be responsible for making killer […]

Arthur Price Had His Table, And Now This Woman Has Completed The Outdoor Humping…Er, Dining Set

Seattle Woman, 33, Arrested After “Humping” Lawn Chairs, Exposing Self A female witness told officers that Hans “had come onto her lawn and was ‘humping’ the lawn chairs,” according to a Seattle Police Department report. The woman added that she and her two children–ages 15 and 11–watched Hans’s late-afternoon performance from a window in their […]

C Is For Chokehold, ‘Cause You Ate My Cookies Three

I’ve eaten cookies for breakfast once or twice in my day. Look at me, of course I have. But if anything’s going to kill me for doing so, it’s going to be Father Time and Cousin Coronary, not Crazy Cookie Loving Roommate Guy A.K.A. Allen M. Hall. After finding out that his unidentified 49-year-old female […]

There Was No Murder. His Brain Cells Were Already Dead

People will try just about anything to get out of a speeding ticket, up to and including calling 911 to report a fake murder while the officer is distracted in the hopes that he’ll ditch your silly little traffic stop to go help out, apparently. When I say people, I mean Julius Lupowitz, because I […]

Not The Kind Of 2 For 1 Flight Deal Anyone Would Want

It’s thankfully been a while since we’ve brought word of any in-flight gropings. So since this is the human race, you know what that means. Two for one time! Ug. First up you might say is Eun-jong Lee, a 47-year-old professor. According to a criminal complaint sworn by FBI Agent Mary Anne Flippo, Lee and […]