Foot Bath Splash Down Nightmare

Here’s another one from Gill. I should be able to think of loads of good answers since sometimes it feels like these sorts of moments are pretty much my life, but I’m coming up empty at the moment. Feel free to share your own if you’re so inclined though, because humiliating stories are fun.

Actually wait, I’ve got one. This seems like a fine time to share the drunken stranger in our old apartment story again.

And now that you’ve read that, take it away, Gill!

Have you ever had something happen to you that was not too funny at the time, but makes you burst in to gales of laughter later? Like it or not these moments happen more often than we want to have them happen.

Second Bath

On July 31 I went for my usual pedicure, and as the pedicurist was guiding me toward the seat I misheard, and plopped my rear end in the place my feet were supposed to go to luxuriate. I hoped to heck that I would not become “foot bath splash down girl.` I spent the rest of the appointment sitting on a towel, and wearing a slight frown of embarrassment.


Has something like this happened to you? Maybe you ripped your pants in front of a crowd, spilled something down your favorite shirt, or laughed so hard you shot something out of your nose, or peed your pants.

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  1. The first story I thought of when she told me this was one that happened to me when I was kind of wee. My brother had these problems with in-grown townails, so often had to soak his feet. The problem was often he left these buckets of water around, sometimes in places you wouldn’t expect. I guess he had soaked his feet while talking on the phone, and in true kid fashion, had abandoned the bucket. The phone rang, and I loved to answer the phone, so ran for it…and landed right in my brother’s bucket! That, that sucked! I’m glad they didn’t snap a picture…although mom asked me to stay there and went to get my brother. I don’t know if he felt too bad, but it was a good try at a guilt trip.

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