Spotify Comes To Canada, Plus You Should Try Songza, Which Has Been Here For A While

For the longest time, I’ve been wondering if Canada was ever going to get Spotify. It felt like it was this huge deal everywhere else, but for one reason or another (dealing with regulatory and industry types I suspect), not here. That is, until today. Spotify is pleased to announce that it is officially live […]

Your Policies Are Garbage. Why Don’t You Join Them

There are plenty of aspects of foreign culture that can feel free to merrily stay right where they are. But this thing where an angry mob comes together to dump one of its country’s shitty politicians into a dumpster? Canada ought to think about importing that one. The victim, such as he is, is Vitaly […]

You’re Supposed To Take Him To The Hospital, Not Put Him In It

Dear Philip Ubdegrove: It doesn’t matter who takes the baby to the hospital. The important thing is that he gets there. Mom is surely just as qualified to deal with issues of bleeding junk as you are. You don’t have to own one to know it needs a mechanic, as they say. And by they […]

So You’re Saying I’m Not Supposed To Do The Ice Bucket Challenge And Then Donate Myself To The County Jail? Uh-oh

You had to know this would be happening sooner or later. Cops Arrest Wanted Ex-Con After He Posts “Ice Bucket Challenge” Video To Facebook A convicted felon being sought for violating parole was arrested after he posted an “Ice Bucket Challenge” video to Facebook, where it was spotted by a tipster who alerted Nebraska cops […]