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It’s bad enough when some asshole beats his other half in front of their children, but it feels like cranking up the volume and ripping off the knob when said asshole beats his other half *with* their children.

According to criminal complaints, John Woodley Jr., 37, punched the victim in the eye Saturday night, prompting her to try to leave the Clarksville residence with the couple’s seven-month-old son.
At that point, Woodley “took the child’s car seat that still had the child in it and slung it” at the woman, reported Officer Coz Minetos.

Not that it’s important to the story and yes, I’m aware that I’m buying into and feeding a stereotype here, but the kind of person who would do something like this totally lives in a trailer in Tennessee.

The kind of person who would do something like this has also been charged with domestic violence and child abuse, but at last word was free after posting bond. The case has also been referred to the Department of Children’s Services.

Mom was treated for her eye injury but was otherwise ok. The baby was thankfully unharmed.

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