Cactus Jack’s WWF Debut

Scott’s Blog of Doom is a fine place to spend hours watching old wrestling matches. I was doing some of that yesterday since I wasn’t awake enough to do much else and I ran across this from 1997. I distinctly remembered 1997 me loving this, so I gave it a look for the first time since then. It loses a bit of something without the surprise aspect, but yeah, it’s still pretty cool.

Boy, wrestling sure could be fun back then. And Mick Foley was just so, so good at everything. He was playing 3 distinctly different people and made it work in a way that didn’t make you as a fan feel silly for going bonkers when he got around to the Cactus Jack reveal. In other words, it was pretty well opposite of Jeff Hardy doing that Willow thing in TNA earlier this year. I knew what they were going for and it made sense in the story they were telling, but it was just so goofy.

Speaking of TNA, if you haven’t been watching it the last couple months, you’re missing out. I mean that. I’ve said a lot of terrible things about that company over the years (all of them richly deserved, some of them not harsh enough), but what they’ve been producing lately is some of the best stuff since 2005 and 2006 when they had that run of amazing shows that nobody saw. I wouldn’t say anything has topped anything from that era, but that’s a lot to ask. My point is that the shows have mostly been really, really solid. If you like your wrestling shows with a focus on wrestling, give Impact another try.

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